CooperCon 2022 // November 18-20, 2022

Join us at the 4th Annual CooperCon in Vancouver, Washington for three days of fascinating presentations, discussions, and socializing!

CooperCon 2022 will take place at the Kiggins Theatre in Vancouver, WA as it has the previous two years.

Single-Day and All-Days tickets are available now for the world’s only annual event foucused on the legendary 1971 skyjacking and mystery—the only unsolved skyjacking in US history.

Additional CooperCon 2022 details will be updated regularly.

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  • Friday, November 18th

    10am - 4pm

    >>> Tena Bar Money Find

    >>> Parachuting From A 727

    >>> The FBI Investigation

    >>> Debate: Did DB Cooper Survive?

    >>> Audience: Ask The Experts Anything

  • Saturday, November 19th

    10am - 4pm

    >>> The Physical Evidence

    >>> Flight Path & Dropzone

    >>> New Lead: Rem-Cru Titanium

    >>> DB Cooper & Hollywood

    >>> Flight 305 Passenger Bill Mitchell

  • Sunday, November 20th

    10am - 4pm

    >>> Suspects

    >>> Conspiracy Theories

    >>> Other PNW Legends: Bigfoot & UFOs

    >>> DB Cooper Authors

    >>> Predictions

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Official Home of the CooperCon 2022 Socials

Join us Thursday, November 17th - Sunday, November 20th each evening starting at 5 PM for our evening socials. These are FREE events and are not ticketed. Merely show up, order a beer or two and some food, and enjoy the conversations and company.

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